Cash Flow Planning

Cash Flow planning is probably the biggest innovation in the financial planning industry over the last decade and has transformed the way we work with our clients. 

Our clients financial situations change quickly, and by using our cash flow software, we are able to help, those in need, visualise their financial future, test different scenarios and instantly understand the impact of key decisions on life events along the way. 
Typically, a “Future Thinker” will be concerned about whether they will ever run out of money in retirement and by using the cash flow software we are able to present a full financial picture that considers current/future spending patterns and/or assets basis to see if there will be a shortfall during a clients lifetime. 
Typically, a “Have I enough” individual will want to know how much they need to live on in retirement.  This amount will vary for all of us, but it is a figure that we all need to know.  In the absence of any cash flow planning, and any clarification as to whether clients ‘may have enough’, most client will continue to save as they approach retirement, which often comes at the expense of living a better lifestyle today, and one that they can actually afford. 

Typically, a “Decision maker” will be someone who wants to start gifting sums away to family and/or retire early/step back from the business either now or in 5-10 years time.  As in life, timing is key, and by using our cash flow planning tool we are able to illustrate the position (based on a variety of different scenarios) to put our clients in the more informed position before making life changing decisions. 

We regularly use our cash flow software to help plan and adapt to real life events, before, during and after they happen.    

Our cash flow plans are specific to individual clients and will evolve over time.  

As part of our ongoing service we will update the clients cash flow following each review meeting. This is normally completed to account for changes in income/expenditure, assets/liabilities, future planned expenditure/windfalls (such as inheritance/business sale).